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Welcome to the
House Proud Club

a place to learn

Even if you dislike DIY

with Wayne Perrey

The TV Carpenter

Looking around your home do you wish it was safe for you and your family, where everything worked as it should, and you felt proud to open the doors to show off it’s beauty

Be empowered to create a

Safe, Practical & Beautiful Home

with this online group

Join me to “Unlock your dream home” In this online learning experience, I will de-mystify what it takes to fix your home so it works for you and your family.

Each month I will challenge, you to walk through the THREE pillars to create a house-proud home. Each element will be explored so you can have the confidence to take control of your home and not rely on anyone else but yourself to achieve it.

Do you want your home to be..


Which means:

  • Would your smoke alarms alert your family if there were a fire in your home?
  • If your bag was stolen would you know how to change your door locks?
  • If your pipes burst and water was running through the house would you know how to turn it off?


Which means:

  • When your blackout curtain falls down in your kid’s room would you know how to fix it?
  • If your shower starts to leak into the dining room would you know how to re-seal it?


Which means:

  • Instead of your pictures propped on the floor, do you know the rules for the perfect gallery wall?
  • Not being overwhelmed when looking at colour charts.
  • Could you save some money by fixing your broken furniture and upholstery.


If you discover a gas or electric fault
that not only endangered your home but your family, would you know how to fix it?
Why rely on others to protect what’s most important to you?



80% of women say the biggest stumbling block to attempting DIY and creating their dream home is the fear of power tools!

What if I said You don’t need a Drill, but a few hand tools and I could empower you to create a

SAFE, PRACTICAL & BEAUTIFUL home and fix jobs like:

  • stop smoke alarm from beeping,
  • change locks if lost keys,
  • Isolate GAS, Water and Electric valves in an emergency,
  • Re-seal your bath
  • Fix toilet seat
  • Re-attach curtain poles
  • Stop doors from sticking
  • Create a gallery wall
  • Hang wallpaper
  • Upholster furniture

The List is endless!

If you want to show your family that you can stand on your own two feet

and take control by learning new skills to create your dream home,

then this online membership is for you!

Like you I wasn’t always a DIY expert

I’ll be honest with you:

In fact, I came to London when I was 18 from Leeds to study to be an actor, For 15 years, I worked solidly in the West End, playing lead roles in productions such as RENT and Bombay Dreams I also played a detective for 2 years in the hit BBC drama Dalziel & Pascoe

But then…

My wife and I decided to renovate our home in time for the arrival of our daughter, in true grand design style, we ripped our home apart and then 😔 THE 2008 BANKING CRASH HAPPENED 😔 ❌ We didn’t have enough funds to pay the builders to finish ❌ So with the prospect of not having a home to bring our baby back to, I started my DIY journey, Picked up the tools and learnt on the job.


So to get us home I……

❌ Watched endless youtube videos (that confused me or wasted my time)

❌ Asked my dad for advice (who is a builder but based 200 miles away in Leeds)

❌ Read books (which seemed out dated)

I told myself:

There must be an easier way to do this, and why isn’t there a support network to help people ?


After renovating our home and turning down acting jobs to be with my young family the fixing bug took hold, and I found myself as one of the only TV carpenters working on both Interior design and garden makeover shows Including…

My approach to teaching has proved so successful that I have become the weekly go-to DIY expert on both BBC Morning Live & ITV Love your weekend

Meet Wayne Perrey

Wayne Perrey, widely known as the “new face of DIY” due to his fresh approach to teaching, he is a TV carpenter and presenter and currently the DIY expert on BBC MORNING LIVE and ITV’s “Love Your Weekend” with Alan Titchmarsh. His “TV Carpenter Podcast” was listed in the top five by the Sunday Times Home Magazine thanks to his engaging chats with design professionals such as Jonathan Adler, Alan Titchmarsh, Sophie Robinson and Michelle Ogundehin.Wayne has been featured widely in the media including one of the only professional carpenters to work on both garden and interior design makeover shows such as the current hit BBC’s “Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr”, “Great Interior Design Challenge”, “Garden Rescue” and ITV’s “Love Your Garden”. Over the past few years, he has created E-books, online courses and written for the Sunday Times Home Magazine and is currently engaging and helping members in his “Interior Designers support Group” and DIY doers Facebook groups. Living in London with his wife of 22 years and 14-year-old daughter, Wayne is not embarrassed to admit that even though he changed career 10 years ago by swapping the glitter of being a West End leading performer for the saw dust of the power tools on makeover shows, he has never looked back. He just apologies if when you work together, he starts to hum the odd show tune (now you know why!).

The best thing I've discovered

with my new found knowledge is
I love teaching people to create

So how can I HELP you?

Welcome to…



The first online supportive club where every month, I will share practical Videos to  empower you to make your home SAFE, PRACTICAL & BEAUTIFUL by fixing all those annoying jobs in your home

Perfect for beginners as no power tools needed, all skills can be achieved using hand tools only.




What You'll Get to support you


  • Access to private HOUSE PROUD Facebook Group
  • Fortnightly Q&A opportunity with me
  • Personal welcome voice note


  • : How to protect your home and family from Fire.              I will explain the different types of smoke alarms and         how to make them work effectively in your home to keep your family safe.
  • : If a burst pipe is flooding your home.                                  I will show you where your stopcock is and how you can    turn your water off in an emergency.
  • : If your bag is stolen and you loose your house keys.       I will explain the different lock types, and how to easily     change them so you can be sure only you have keys to   your home.


What You'll Get to support you

  • Access to private DIY Doers Facebook Group Support
  • Fortnightly Q&A opportunity with me
  • Product cheat sheet to print out and take to the store


  • If your shower leaks into the dining room below               I will explain how to remove old bathroom silicone and a fail-safeway to replace it like a pro so it never leaks again.

  • When your kitchen looks tired and broken.                          I will show you how to level up that tired kitchen and flatpack furniture door by sharing with you the kitchen fitter’s secret tool

  • How to deal with condensation and mould.                   This week I’ll be showing you what causes condensation in your home and how to minimise it and how to prevent mould buildup on your walls


What You'll Get to support you

  • Access to private DIY Doers Facebook Group support
  • Fornightly Q&A opportunity with me
  • Links to the best hand tools to buy


  • Avoid the disaster of buying the wrong paint..                 I’ll show you what and where to use different paint types so you know what to ask for when in the DIY store                
  • Instead of overwhelm and not putting up any pictures   I will share the rules for picture arranging so you can showcase your photos and artwork to full effect.                     
  • If your walls look bland and uninspiring.                             I will show the different types of wall panelling available and how to fit them.

Being part of the


  • You will gain access to the new online community 
  •  learn how to make your homeSafe, practical and Beautiful                                                                            
  • Online practical Demonstrations with me
  • Live Q&A
  • Top tips
  • Guest speakers
  • Plus Access to a supportive Private Facebook group

only £9 Per Month

( the cost of two coffees)

But wait, there is more

Join today and you’ll also get…

The DIY DOERS Must have guide to tools and how to use them

My comprehensive Ebook that will talk you through what tools to buy and how to use them, should you wish to create your own home tool kit

Value £39

Some messages from my past online students

Frequently asked questions....

Q: I am new to DIY. Will the HOUSE PROUD CLUB work for me?                                                   A: Yes, with my fun way of teaching and supportive private Facebook group, you will surprise yourself as you gain confidence through the weeks. 

Q: Can I wait and join later?                                                                                                                    A: As a founder member, this offer is only available until the 14th of July 2023  the price Will increase after this date.

Q: How much support is included?                                                                                                       A: LOTS.  there will always be an opportunity to ask me questions, or you can join the fortnightly Q&A sessions, also the other members and I will be in the private Facebook group to assist 

Q: Why is it only £9 per month that seems cheap?                                                                           A: I had successfully sold £89 drill courses before, but this time wanted to create a more inclusive and affordable club where more people can come together and learn simple home DIY skills.

Q: Can I leave at any time?                                                                                                                      A: Yes, you can cancel your payment anytime, but it would be a shame to miss out on the complete learning and the supportive Facebook community. 

Q: What if I miss a video one week?                                                                                                     A: Each lesson is recorded and archived, so you can playback and watch whenever you like in the hub for as long as you are a member. 

Q: Do I need any tools?                                                                                                                             A: I have designed the learning, so you don’t need to use power tools, most of the lessons need no tools other than a screwdriver (a dinner knife could do if need be)when discussing bathroom sealant, you may wish to buy that specific tool after the lesson, but it will not affect the learning if you don’t.

Q: When will I get access to the lessons?                                                                                          A: Once accepted into the HOUSE PROUD CLUB, you will have full access to all past recorded training sessions and a front-row seat to all new online teaching by me.

Be empowered to create a
Safe, Practical & Beautiful Home
for you and your family.

Take advantage of being a founder member for

only £9 per month